Hi Fi show in Lyon

Another important promotion for Karan Acoustics will be in Lyon. Our distributor Mr. Marc Loubeau and his company Prestige Audio Diffusion will be presented with winning combination KAS600 + KAL Reference Mk3 + Wilson Alexia speakers. All music lovers who want to listen to great sound are very welcome…



Synergy between speakers and amplifiers is crucial for good sound,and it is very important that all satisfied distributors, dealers and owners of our amplifiers send us photo and comment about the sound of the system. We are very happy that we have received numerous positive comments in the last few years about the combination with probably one of the highest quality speakers which can be found of world market, which is American Wilson Audio. Out of the mass of positive comments and different systems, this time we would like to single out the system of the French dealer of HiFi Link company and their winning combination (Wilson Sasha2 + LA S 600 + KAL Ref Mk3) which they have used on several presentations and shows.
Let us know your comments…

Wilson Audio Sasha2 + KA S 600 + KA L RefMk3 Show 2014 Lyon-1