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AXPONA 2018 again was very successful for us and our Canada&USA distributor Wynn Audio. At this year’s show Wynn Audio and we were represented with very carefully selected system.

System consisted of:

Metronome Kalista DreamPlay (CD Transport + DAC), Speakers: Penaudio Sinfonia, Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KAL Reference Mk2, Power Amplifier: Karan Acoustics KAM 2000 Monoblocks, Phono Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KA Ph Reference, Turntable: Thalles TTT- compact II, Tonearm: Thales Statement, Cartridge; EMT JSD VM and Cables: ZenSati Zorro and Seraphim.

Top synergy of presented system resulted in great sound therefore positive comments of audience didn’t miss out which makes us very proud. One of them, famous web site Audiobacon had very nice comment about Wynn presentation: “Spent some quality time in this room. Unequivocally one of the best sounds from the show. Very dynamic, resolute, euphonic, and tonally accurate. Piano, in particular, sound very convincing on this system.”

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