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Karan Master Collection POWERa mono Hi-Fi+ Review

After a lot of invested work and knowledge, we presented to the market our new monoblocks from the Master Collection series, which have the POWERa label. The famous high-end magazine Hi-Fi+ was the first to receive one pair for testing, so it is best to read this review yourself and it will be clear to you why we are very proud of our new amplifiers 🙂

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Karan Master Collection LINEb Preamplifier SoundStage! Hi-Fi Product of the Year 2021

After the title of “Best Preamplifier of the Year” awarded by Hi-end magazine Hifi+, our new preamplifier LINEb from the Master Collection series received another prestigious award. This time, the famous web magazine “SoundStage” awarded our new preamplifier with title “Product of the Year”, which made us very happy and proud.

We thank the SoundStage team for the award 😊

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Karan Master Collection LINEb Hi-Fi+ Preamplifier of the Year 2021

Our new amplifiers have once again confirmed their quality, so that our new preamplifier from the Master Collection series model LINEb  received the prestigious “Preamplifier of the Year 2021” award from the well-known British magazine hifi +. Let me remind you, our top preamplifier LINEa received award “Preamplifier of the Year 2020” from the same hifi magazine. We thank the editorial staff of the magazine hifi+ for the award 😊.

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Karan Acoustics Hi-Fi+ Innovation Award

In its 200th anniversary edition, one of the most popular hifi magazines, well known Hi-Fi+, presented a list of the 100 most significant and innovative audio brands of today in the field of hifi. Among these 100 magnificent ones are our amplifiers, which makes us very happy and proud. We congratulate the team from Hi-Fi+ on their jubilee and wish them an even more successful continuation of their work.

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Karan Master Collection LINEb SoundStage! Review

Our new “small” preamp Master Collection LINEb seems to have been very much liked by the guys from SoundStage, so Jeffrey W Fritz, who is also Editor-in-Chief, took it for a test and wrote his comment, which is more than positive.

After the Editor Choice sign, our LINEb now entered to the best devices they tested, so now it belongs to the Recommended Reference Component, which made us very happy, and we thank to Mr. Fritz for the excellent description and text.