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Karan Master Collection LINEb Hi-Fi+ Review

Dear Friends
The new year has started to us with really nice news that we want to share with you. We just received an extraordinary test related to our new “little” preamp Master Collection LINEb, which was published in the famous hi-end magazine Hi-Fi +, which made us very happy.
Read it and we hope that many of you will wish to have it.
Best regards and take care 🙂
Karan Acoustics

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Bangkok Hi-End Show

Finally, a little joy for audiophiles in Bangkok, where the Hi-end show will be held from today until Sunday, November 29, 2020. Our distributor has seriously prepared and this time chose a setting that we believe will appeal to all visitors. The system that will be presented consists of:

Esoteric K07xs CD player
Karan master Line A preamp
Karan KAS600
Canton Reference 2K
Kimber Select KS6065 speaker cable
Tara Labs grand master interconnect cable

To our distributor and friend mr. Chris we wish a successful presentation with the wish that he and the visitors remain healthy and happy.

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Karan Acoustics Master Collection LINEb

Dear Partners and Friends,
It’s a real pleasure to announce our new top preamplifier called LINEb from our Master Collection.
The new preamplifier is in one box, but with the remark that we used solutions and top quality parts thats we applied and confirmed in practice by its “older” brother LINEa. Most of these parts in this preamp are custom made according to our specifications especialy for us. It will be so nice pleasure for all of you who will have privilegues to listen this new preamp. Beside to its beautiful appearance and extremly hi quality of builds this preamp has excellent sound characteristics, so we are sure that it will quickly reach the hearts of true lovers of good and natural sound.
Don’t waste your time and call yours dealers and schedule listening to this preamp…