About us

Karan Acoustics audio equipment is the result of a more than 30-year long career in professional electronics.

We have spent countless hours designing and listening to our and other audio equipments, and in that process, we have adopted certain design and production solutions, which are characteristic of our products. These, among others, are:

  • All our high – end products are hand crafted, with extremely high quality and carefully selected electronic components. For all our devices we use very high quality parts only, which, besides excellent and specific designs guarantees the best sound and reliable long term work. Most of these parts were made especially to our requests.
  • All our amplifiers use dual mono technology, fully balanced circuits, have extremely fast, DC coupled and pure class A driven topologies.
  • We exclusively use extremely high quality, fast and potent power supplies, with very low internal impedances.
  • Our cases are made of high quality, high gauge aluminium, with our own custom design.
  • All units are made to be musical and to provide maximum attainable quality of sound reproduction, with as little as possible changes of tonal balance, dynamics, resolution and general acoustic properties characteristic of the natural sound of music.
  • How far we have succeeded in these objectives, you can and should judge by yourself by listening through our audio equipment.

We cordially invite all your comments and suggestions.

With kind regards,

Milan Karan