Hi Fi + & TAS England (January 2008 – KA M 650)
Roy Gregory:
“The Karan 650s pass effortlessly from micro to macro, without a ripple to the acoustic environment, an Audi RS4 to the i200s Bugatti Veyron. They represent almost affordable excellence if you are prepared to stretch, performance that’s useable and seriously rewarding.”

AUDIOTEHNIQUE – Hong Kong (December 2014 – KA Ph Reference)
“I mentioned my requirements for an ideal phono stage at the beginning; the KA Ph Reference not only meets, but exceeds my requirements. The sound is real Hi End. Its functions satisfy all that I want. With 3 balanced and single-ended inputs, it won’t be a problem playing multi arms and cartridges, and settings for different cartridges are adequate. Finally, the phono is very sensitive, any adjustments are reflected. For instance, when I put it on a Vibraplane platform, the sound field is immediately expanded! That shows the phono stage has a high plasticity. KA Ph Reference is an answer to LP audiophiles of the highest demand.”

Hi Fi + England (November 2014 – KA Ph Reference)
Roy Gregory:
“If you want to know just how much music is stored in those grooves on your records, the Karan Phono Reference is a great place to start – and pretty good place to finish. Ultimately you might find an alternative product you prefer, but if so, I can guarantee that whatever it is, it’ll have to go some. I’m not sure the safe choice has ever sounded so good.”

What Hi Fi –England (July 2013 – KA I 180 Mk2)
“The Karan KA I180 Mk2 is for those who want an amplifier that simply gets out of the way of the recording. It will give you plenty of insight and communicate the music’s message as effectively as the very best amplifiers around.”

Hi Fi + England (January 2011 – KA I 180 Mk2)
Alan Sircom
“The audiophile response to “I’ve got a Karan amp” is, apparently, “niiiice!” Judging by the revamped KA I-180, that response is set to continue. The tone may be a shade sweeter and the front panel option widens its décor options, but the fundamental reason why Karan is king remains undimmed. It’s still going to be one of the cult faves; the forum darling and the cognoscenti’s choice. In an audio world where so many products live or die by their brand name and not much else, it’s good to have exceptions like Karan.”

Hi Fi + England (December 2015 – KA Ph1)
Alan Sircom
“Most of us, however, would be more than happy with the Karan Acoustics PH1 phono stage as an example of the best it’s possible to get from vinyl. Very highly recommended!”

HIfi News – England (July 2003 – KA S 450)
Martin Colloms
“Karan can be justly proud of the KA S 450 – this is a landmark power amplifier for Europe, aligned with the world’s best, it comes highly recommended”

Hi Fi + England (July 2009 – KA S 180)
Alan Sircom
“This is a beautifully built, supremely powerful and wonderful sounding amplifier for those who want a dynamic, refined and above all – musical amplifier.”

AUDIOESOTERICA – Australia (December 2015 – KA S 600 & KALRef Mk2)
Edgar Kramer
“The KA combo handles timbral information with accuracy, translating to verisimilitude representative of true instrumental tonal colours. The combo presents music with smooth tonality in the mids and highs and ties this in with superb low frequency control and slam. Are we talking the unattainable ‘best of both worlds’ scenario here? For many listeners, quite possibly so…”