Warranty conditions

Manufacturer, company “Karan Acoustics”, provides a transferable five-year limited warranty from the date of purchase with all finished amplifier systems, exclusively sold through an authorized dealer, approved by a national distributor. This warranty is transferable solely in the country of first purchase. The warranty is valid only if the product was purchased from the distributor (and his approved dealers) in charge of the country in which the buyer resides. This warranty only covers faults or defects in material and production. The guarantee is not valid if the amplifier has been subject of misuse, accident or negligence or has been tempered with or modified in any way without the written authorization of Karan Acoustics. Attempted servicing by unauthorized persons will also invalidate this guarantee. Your amplifier should only be modified and upgraded by Karan Acoustics. Damage caused as a result of abuse, or defective electronics is not covered by the warranty.

Should warranty service be required, it must be arranged for in the country of purchase. The product must be accompanied by the following information:
– copy of invoice with date of purchase
– name and address of the buyer
– name and address of the dealer
– model concerned and serial number

If you have any “strange” experience or failure in any of operational aspects, please let us know.

Every effort has been made to assure that this product will perform as specified.