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Karan Acoustics Hi-Fi+ Innovation Award

In its 200th anniversary edition, one of the most popular hifi magazines, well known Hi-Fi+, presented a list of the 100 most significant and innovative audio brands of today in the field of hifi. Among these 100 magnificent ones are our amplifiers, which makes us very happy and proud. We congratulate the team from Hi-Fi+ on their jubilee and wish them an even more successful continuation of their work.

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Karan Master Collection LINEb SoundStage! Review

Our new “small” preamp Master Collection LINEb seems to have been very much liked by the guys from SoundStage, so Jeffrey W Fritz, who is also Editor-in-Chief, took it for a test and wrote his comment, which is more than positive.

After the Editor Choice sign, our LINEb now entered to the best devices they tested, so now it belongs to the Recommended Reference Component, which made us very happy, and we thank to Mr. Fritz for the excellent description and text.

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Karan Master Collection LINEb Hi-Fi+ Review

Dear Friends
The new year has started to us with really nice news that we want to share with you. We just received an extraordinary test related to our new “little” preamp Master Collection LINEb, which was published in the famous hi-end magazine Hi-Fi +, which made us very happy.
Read it and we hope that many of you will wish to have it.
Best regards and take care 🙂
Karan Acoustics

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Bangkok Hi-End Show

Finally, a little joy for audiophiles in Bangkok, where the Hi-end show will be held from today until Sunday, November 29, 2020. Our distributor has seriously prepared and this time chose a setting that we believe will appeal to all visitors. The system that will be presented consists of:

Esoteric K07xs CD player
Karan master Line A preamp
Karan KAS600
Canton Reference 2K
Kimber Select KS6065 speaker cable
Tara Labs grand master interconnect cable

To our distributor and friend mr. Chris we wish a successful presentation with the wish that he and the visitors remain healthy and happy.

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Karan Acoustics Master Collection LINEb

Dear Partners and Friends,
It’s a real pleasure to announce our new top preamplifier called LINEb from our Master Collection.
The new preamplifier is in one box, but with the remark that we used solutions and top quality parts thats we applied and confirmed in practice by its “older” brother LINEa. Most of these parts in this preamp are custom made according to our specifications especialy for us. It will be so nice pleasure for all of you who will have privilegues to listen this new preamp. Beside to its beautiful appearance and extremly hi quality of builds this preamp has excellent sound characteristics, so we are sure that it will quickly reach the hearts of true lovers of good and natural sound.
Don’t waste your time and call yours dealers and schedule listening to this preamp…

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Karan Acoustics Master Collection LINEa & PSUa

We proudly present the first product from our new 30th Anniversary – Master Collection
range – a state of the art line preamplifier with an outboard power supply unit. We believe
this product truly is our “state of the art statement” as every aspect of it reflects 30 years of
our knowledge, experience and learning about design and manufacturing execution of
uncompromised high-end audio instruments. Our choice of very best passive and active
components is a result of endless subjective evaluations and laboratory measurements.
Many components from reputable manufacturers have been produced to our proprietary
specifications. Particular attention has been given to the topology of printed circuit boards
as that happens to be crucial for the best sound quality. Our printed circuit boards are made
out of very particular isolation raw material with all copper traces having a thickness of
75um (preamplifiers) and 120um (power supply units and amplifiers). We also exceeded all
our previous efforts in the area of design and manufacturing of chassis. In addition to an
exceptional aesthetics, the highest available quality aluminium has been used for best
acoustic properties and least sensitivity to RF and EMF effects to the circuits therein. Not
only, very special components for positioning and placement of PCBs inside the chassis have
been implemented in order to further reduce negative mechanical side effects. This, in turn,
preserves transient speed, energy, clarity, definition, focus, microdynamics, true harmonic
structure of music and overall musicality of the recordings played back. After extensive
evaluations, we chose to use CMS (Critical Mass Systems) CS2 isolation/support feet for all
our Master Collection products. They exhibit a minimal transfer of mechanical and airborne
resonances and feedback to the chassis and electronic circuits inside. Preamplifiers and
power supply units have CS2-1.0 isolation/support feet, while all power amplifier use the
larger CS2-1.5 model. All our components are internally wired with Cardas Audio pure
copper chassis wire. Read more…

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Hi Fi show “Too Loud” – Zagreb 2019

Last weekend, the Hifi show on Zagreb “TooLoud” fest was completed, with our new distributor RotaryAudio. Mr. Bozo has prepared an extremely serious system with our best KAM2000 monoblocks. According to what we heard from the visitors this was “by far the best sound at this year’s fair.” and we are very happy about it.

The system consisted of:

– Sonus Faber speakers and top model “The Sonus Faber”

– Preamplifier Audio Research Reference 10 Line

– Karan Acoustics KAM 2000 monoblocks

– Phono preamplifier Audio Research Reference 10 phono

– Turntable Kuzma Stabi M with Stogi 4P 14″ arm

– pick up Fuuga

– Streamer AURENDER 10H

– Speaker and interconect cables Jorma Statement

– Power cables Ultimate from Sumic Audio

– Shuniata research denali power distributor

All of this contributed to the very impressive sound, so many visitors came back in our room several times to hear again this system 🙂

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High End Show Roma 2018

Another great hi-end show in ITALY, this time in ROMA was passed very successfully for us and our Italian distributor Mondo Audio. For this show our distributor and friend Mr. Luca Righetti decided to present the combination which consisted of power amplifier, Karan Acoustics, model KA S 600, preamplifier KARAN ACOUSTICS KA L Mk3, digital component by MSB company and his top Premier DAC, and finally, loudspeakers was DUEVEL (model Bella Luna ‘diamante’ and Venus) and AERIAL. Exceptionally good comments, during and after the show, and big visit make us very happy, as well as the fact that system, made by Luca, had been one of the most popular at the show by the opinion of many visitors.
We hope that lovers of good and natural sound in Italy will be more interested in Karan Acoustics amplifiers as well as other components from Luca’s program.