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High End Show Roma 2018

Another great hi-end show in ITALY, this time in ROMA was passed very successfully for us and our Italian distributor Mondo Audio. For this show our distributor and friend Mr. Luca Righetti decided to present the combination which consisted of power amplifier, Karan Acoustics, model KA S 600, preamplifier KARAN ACOUSTICS KA L Mk3, digital component by MSB company and his top Premier DAC, and finally, loudspeakers was DUEVEL (model Bella Luna ‘diamante’ and Venus) and AERIAL. Exceptionally good comments, during and after the show, and big visit make us very happy, as well as the fact that system, made by Luca, had been one of the most popular at the show by the opinion of many visitors.
We hope that lovers of good and natural sound in Italy will be more interested in Karan Acoustics amplifiers as well as other components from Luca’s program.

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Lyon 2018

Our French distributor, APR Hi-Fi Company and its owner, Mr. Patrice Muller organized another successful hifi show in Lyon, this year as well. This traditional hifi show had shown high quality systems which offered true pleasure of music material of all genres to all the visitors. Very good visit and many company representatives shown at the show gave visitors the opportunity to ask question regarding devices and speakers, besides enjoying the music, which has been very important to them.

We have used this opportunity and kind invitation by Mr. Muller, as well, and we were present there with full staff.

This year our amplification had been presented in two rooms.

Main system has been based on phenomenal speakers Wilson Audio ALEXX, power amplifiers were our monoblocks KAM2000 which the digital part (CD transport, DAC and streamer) were entrusted to a friendly company APL. System had been connected through ESPRIT cables.

The other room had another concept and Mr. Patrice had chosen Stellar Audio, model Amelia speakers, stereo power amplifier was our KAS600 matched with preamplifier KAL Reference Mk3. As with previous system, DAC, streamer and CD transport were by APL Company.

At the end, fine visit and excellent comments make us happy and we believe in even better sales of our amplifiers on this very demanding market.

We would like to congratulate to the staff of HiFi Link Company and Mr. Muller on successful organization and exceptional reception.

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Hi-Fi show Lyon 2018

Another important promotion for Karan Acoustics will be in Lyon 13-14 October 2018. Our distributor Mr. Patrice Muller and his company HiFi Link organize another traditional hifi show with many famous brands and guests. Beside presentation will be organize  conference and some producers will talk about his products.

This year we will be presented in two rooms. First, dream system with fantastic Wilson Audio ALEXX speaker and our top of the line KA M 2000 monoblocks and second, our best stereo pair KA S 600 + KAL Ref Mk3 with High end Davis speakers (new brand). All music lovers who want to listen great sound are very welcome on this hifi show…

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AXPONA 2018 again was very successful for us and our Canada&USA distributor Wynn Audio. At this year’s show Wynn Audio and we were represented with very carefully selected system.

System consisted of:

Metronome Kalista DreamPlay (CD Transport + DAC), Speakers: Penaudio Sinfonia, Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KAL Reference Mk2, Power Amplifier: Karan Acoustics KAM 2000 Monoblocks, Phono Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KA Ph Reference, Turntable: Thalles TTT- compact II, Tonearm: Thales Statement, Cartridge; EMT JSD VM and Cables: ZenSati Zorro and Seraphim.

Top synergy of presented system resulted in great sound therefore positive comments of audience didn’t miss out which makes us very proud. One of them, famous web site Audiobacon had very nice comment about Wynn presentation: “Spent some quality time in this room. Unequivocally one of the best sounds from the show. Very dynamic, resolute, euphonic, and tonally accurate. Piano, in particular, sound very convincing on this system.”

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Hi-Fi show Bangkok – Thailand

New great presentation of our amplifiers in Bangkok – Thailand, was in organization of KA distributor INVENTIVE AV and our friend Chris with his team. This show was held on 29. March to 1. April 2018. According to the information we received, this is the most important hifi show in Thailand.

Chris has made up one impressive system for this opportunity, which consisted of monoblocks Karan Acoustics KA M 900 with their 900W per channel, preamplifier Karan Acoustics model KA L Reference Mk3, new flagship speakers from CANTON model Reference K1. Digital front end was Esoteric K1 Grandioso CD Player, Esoteric Network Player, Esoteric G-02x master clock and analog source was German company AMG and model Viella V12 turntable with AMG V12 Turbo tonarm and DS Audio W2 Phono Cartridge.

The sound on presentation in INVENTIVE room had been at the highest level, which could be seen in the large interest in audience and very positive comments.

Thank you Chris 🙂

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Hi-Fi show Lyon 2017 – France

One of the greatest French dealers, HiFi Link company from Lyon and Mr. Partice Muller (CEO), organized a very significant dealer show this year, where our distributor, Mr. Marc Loubeau and his company Prestige Audio Diffusion took part.

Truly top equipment has been chosen for this year’s presentation that had shown all its qualities in the best way possible. This time the base of the system were Canadian speakers Verity Audio with model Sarastro IIS under which were our best monoblocks KA M 2000 and preamplifier KA L Ref Mk3. Digital sound has been entrusted to a Bulgarian company APL with their CD transport DTR-MR, converter DSD-MR and new network player DNP-MR. The room where our presentation was held was about 80m2 size and this made it possible to express serious system such as this one and show its great potentials.

The opening word at the conference on the second day has been given to our host Mr. Partice Muller (Hi Fi Link) and then Mr. Jonas C. Sacs (Technical director – Native DSD) and then Mr. Alex Peychev (CEO – APL hi-fi) spoke of the companies they were coming from. The second part of this very interesting and well visited conference was opened by Mr. Mladjen Vojinovic (Karan Acoustics) and at the end Mr. Julien Pelchat (Vice president – Verity Audio). Closing word was done by our distributor Mr. Marc Loubeau which finished this very successful conference. Visitors were able to hear many useful information and ask direct questions to the representatives of manufacturers.

Large number of visitors and great interest for our presentation tells us that popularity and interest for our amplifiers will be even greater.

Once again we wish to thank Mr. Partice Muller and Mr. Marc Loubeau for kind invitation and great organization which made our stay in Lyon very pleasant and useful.

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TAVES Consumer Electronics Show

At HiFi show held from 13. To 15. October 2017. In Toronto, named TAVES Consumer Electronics Show we were presented in the best way possible, through presentation organized by our Canadian distributor, Mr. Wong and his company Wynn Audio Company.

Mr. Wong reserved two rooms with two different systems for different clients, but what’s more important is that both systems were greatly composed, therefore visitor and expert audience comments were extremely positive. This mostly goes for main system which, besides analogue, had also digital source which proved to be excellent combination which had won the hearts of many with its quality therefore some found it to be unofficially “the best sound of the show”. Such approval has been given to this system by known internet hi-fi magazine MY HIEND.

This main system consisted of the following devices:
Turntable: Thales TTT-Compact mk2 with Statement tonearm
CD/DAC: Kalista 30th Anniversary Set (CD Transport and DAC)
Phono Preamp: Karan Acoustics KA Ph Reference Phono Preamp
Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KA L Reference Preamp
Power Amplifier: Karan Acoustics KA M 2000 Monoblock
Speakers: TIDAL Contriva G2
Cables: ZenSati Zorro and Seraphim
Accessories: Critical Mass Systems Olympus Rack, Entreq Olympus Tellus Ground Box

The other system was based only on digital source of sound which has also proven its qualities that one well composed system can give.

The second system consisted of the following devices:
Universal Player: Goldmund Eidos 36U+
Preamplifier: Karan Acoustics KA L MK 3
Power Amplifier: Karan Acoustics KA S 600
Speakers: Penaudio Sinfonia (top of the line from Penaudio)
Cables: Furutech
Acoustics Panels: Acoustic Revive panels
Accessories: Entreq Tellus II Ground box…

We would like to thank Mr. Wong for his successful presentation and promotion of our brand at this very important hifi show.

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Another great hi-end show AXPONA 2017 went by very successfully for us and our distributor Wynn Audio. At this year’s show Wynn Audio and we were represented in two rooms with different systems. The bigger system consisted of Penaudio Serenade Signature speakers, stereo amplifiers KAS 600, preamplifier KA L Reference Mk3, Goldmund Eidos 36U CD player and ZenSati Seraphin cabling. Another room had a smaller system based on monitor Penaudio Cenya Signature speakers and integrated amplifier KA I 180 Mk2. Great synergy of presented systems resulted in extraordinary sound therefore positive comments of audience didn’t miss out which makes us very proud. Top of the successful presentation of our distributor Wynn Audio came as prestigious awarded given annually by “Positive Feedback Audio Oasis” for best presentation and sound. You can see more about this at

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Montreal Audio Fest

One of the most significant HIFI shows is for sure Montreal Audio Fest where Karan Acoustics amplifiers were presented by our Canadian distributor, WYNN Audio company. Our friend and business partner, Mr. Wong, decided to go for an ambitious system which included big Tidal Audio Sunray speakers, our stereo amplifier KA S 600 (2 x 600W), preamplifier KA L Mk3 and phono preamplifier KA PH-1. The source was trusted to Goldmund Eidos 36U + CD player and Thales TTT Compact II Turntable with Thales Simplicity II tonearm. All of this was connected to ZenSati Seraphim cables. Reactions of the audience and their comments, as well as opinion of people from audio world showed that this system played absolutely impression, and by the opinion of many it was “the best sound of the show” which makes us very happy and proud, and we wish to share these lovely news with you. You can read some of the comments at Stereophile, Part Time Audiophile and 6moons.

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Hi-Fi show in Malaysia

Another great presentation of our amplifiers, this time in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and main actors were our distributors from CMY Audio&Visual, led by our friend John with his numerous team. This traditional show was held on 22. To 24. July 2016. In Kuala Lumpur, and according to the information we received, this is one of the most visited shows in this region.

John has made up one truly impressive system for this oportunity, which consisted of monoblocks Karan Acoustics KAM 900 with their 900W per channel, preamplifier Karan Acoustics model KA L ReferenceMk3, top speakers Acoustics Systems model Tango of our French friend Franck Tchang, and finally probably one of the highest quality digital lines that can be found on world market, the French company CD transport METRONOME and top model Kalista, as well as top DAC Metronome C8+.

Only by stating the components of the system asks for respect even before listening to it, which has been confirmed during the 3 days presentation. Great crowd at all times, as well as exceptional comments only confirm that everything was at the top level, which makes us and hosts very happy.
We wish plenty of success in future, as well as well deserved rest after the show to John and his team.