Our new POWERb stereo amplifier are available in dual-mono stereo amplifier chassis delivering 2 x 450/2 x 800/2 x 1.350W at 8/4/2 Ohm of highly musical, dynamic, and stable power into any loudspeaker, irrespective of sensitivity or impedance profile.

Just like any other MASTER COLLECTION design, POWERb amplifiers use only the very best passive and active components (resistors, capacitors, bipolar output devices, internal wiring, connectors), as well as extremely large, but mechanically and otherwise ultra-quiet toroidal transformers. Much greater reserve energy reservoirs within the power supplies gave been implemented accordingly. Milan Karan has introduced a number of new, innovative solutions into the circuit topology of his long-standing products that have been revered by music lovers and audiophiles over 20 years, thus pushing the envelope of possible much more forward and nearer to the ideal – closest possible sound of live music in your living or music room!

A completely new approach to design and execution of the main chassis, and, for the very first time in any Karan Acoustics product, the presence of a proprietary, in house designed, built in Line (mains) Conditioner.

The new chassis concept is unbelievably effective in its ultimate simplicity. What would be the best way of minimizing or, even better, eliminating mechanical resonances of various components inside the chassis, as well as the chassis (amplifier) itself when in situ and under operating conditions? Increasing the mass is the most obvious solution towards superior overall damping, but, even more importantly, the choice of the correct type of material which would, with all added mass, behave correctly. Meaning, not resonate at all (less likely) or resonate at one or more frequencies that would not interfere with the harmonic structure of the music itself (more likely possible). Aesthetically pleasing and otherwise purposeful to the maximum, the new MASTER COLLECTION POWERb amplifiers’ chassis is a piece of art in itself. Increased density and thickness of front and rear panels as well as the top cover are very beneficial. However, a unique manner of using a solid CNC-machined piece of special aluminum as a single piece unibody heatsink for the output devices, is something that contributes more than anything else toward a very non-resonant and quiet behavior of the new chassis in both new power amplifier models. Gone for good are the sharp heatsink fins in favor of purposeful and beautiful elegance!

Needless to say, new amplifiers also exploit all good properties of the CMS isolation/support feet which are suitably sized and comfortably support the net weight of 81kg of a single POWERb amplifier. Such a high mass with central stability of the chassis allows for only three (3) CS feet to be used, allowing for ideal balance on any supporting surface.

Hundreds of ours of listening tests and fine tuning of all crucial components within the audio and power supply circuits have taken place…the final result are audio amplifiers of, in our view, unsurpassed natural musicality, transparency, dynamic headroom, transient speed, vanishingly low noise floor, and utterly lifelike, almost physically tangible, 3D holographic palpability.



Technical specifications:
Inputs: 2 balanced (XLR) and 2 unbalanced (RCA)
Input impedance: 30kOhm (balanced/unbalanced)
Input sensitivity: 2.0V/RMS (for max output)
Gain: +30dB
XLR pin layout: PIN1-ground, PIN2-positive signal, PIN3-negative signal
(when use RCA input you need to insert XLR shorting plug!)
Power output: 2×450 / 2×800 / 2×1.350W at 8/4/2ohm
(peak power output: 600W at 8ohm)
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0 dB; (DC to 300kHz, -3 dB)
Distortion: THD 0.03%
IMD 0.03%
Speed: Rise and Settling time < 450 ns
Slew rate 1.500 V/us (Amplification stages)
Signal to noise ratio: >120dB (unweighted)
Power supply: 2pcs of 1.500VA low noise toroidal transformers,
180.000uF custom made capacitors bank
AC voltage: 115V or 230V (nominal line voltage)
AC voltage range: +/- 10% (from nominal line voltage)
Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor
Net dimensions: 504 x 292 x 521mm (whd); 19.8 x 11.5 x 20.5 inch (whd)
Net weight: 81kg / 178lbs (each)
Package dimensions: 720 x 410 x 738mm (whd); 28.3 x 16.1 x 29 inch (whd)
Package weight: 103kg / 226lbs (each)