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Karan POWERa mono

When an amplifier receives cover page and the headline “High-end BENCHMARK” on the Stereophile test, it means a lot to us and confirms the quality of our amplifiers. This is excellent information for all audiophiles and for all peoples who are thinking about a new amplifier for their system and Stereophile is certainly one of the best and oldest hi-end magazines, so you should trust them.

You can read more about the impressions of Mr. Jason Victor Serinus from this test in the May 2023 issue, so don’t miss it

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Karan Acoustics at Guangzhou

Our distributor for China, Macao and Hong Kong FORTHWISE LIMITED and HYPER AUDIO COMPANY LTD are currently at the audio show in the city of Guangzhou, which lasts from March 31 to April 2.

This is a real opportunity for audiophiles to visit the show and room of our distributor, who exhibited the following components:

– KHARMA Veyron speakers,

– KARAN Acoustics: Phono preamplifier PHONOa, Preamplifier LINEa and 4x POWERa monoblocks

– NAGRA Anniversary Turntable

– WADAX CD/Streamer.

Impressive, isn’t it?

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Karan Master Collection PHONOb Hi-Fi+ Review

Another outstanding test of our preamplifier, this time it’s a phono preamplifier from the Master Collection series and model PHONOb. All those who want an even better phono preamp should think about our PHONOa.

You can find the test in the latest issue of the famous Hi-end magazine HiFi+.

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HiFi+ Awards – Karan Master Collection POWERa & PHONOa

As you know, the famous hi-end magazine HiFi+ awards prizes to the best devices that they tested during the year. We are happy that our POWERa monoblocks from the Master series were declared the best amplifiers (WINNER 2022) this year😊. Our phono preamplifier PHONOa from Master series is in the group of top devices that has the “HIGHLY COMMENDED 2022” mark, which is practically right behind the WINNER award.

In addition to satisfied customers, this is another confirmation of the quality of our amplifiers, for which we are very proud and satisfied 😊