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Lyon 2018

Our French distributor, APR Hi-Fi Company and its owner, Mr. Patrice Muller organized another successful hifi show in Lyon, this year as well. This traditional hifi show had shown high quality systems which offered true pleasure of music material of all genres to all the visitors. Very good visit and many company representatives shown at the show gave visitors the opportunity to ask question regarding devices and speakers, besides enjoying the music, which has been very important to them.

We have used this opportunity and kind invitation by Mr. Muller, as well, and we were present there with full staff.

This year our amplification had been presented in two rooms.

Main system has been based on phenomenal speakers Wilson Audio ALEXX, power amplifiers were our monoblocks KAM2000 which the digital part (CD transport, DAC and streamer) were entrusted to a friendly company APL. System had been connected through ESPRIT cables.

The other room had another concept and Mr. Patrice had chosen Stellar Audio, model Amelia speakers, stereo power amplifier was our KAS600 matched with preamplifier KAL Reference Mk3. As with previous system, DAC, streamer and CD transport were by APL Company.

At the end, fine visit and excellent comments make us happy and we believe in even better sales of our amplifiers on this very demanding market.

We would like to congratulate to the staff of HiFi Link Company and Mr. Muller on successful organization and exceptional reception.

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